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January 30, 2008
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:Arabian Nights: by Minty-Hippo :Arabian Nights: by Minty-Hippo
OMG completely unoriginal title!

This is mah little half arabian, half korean, belly dancer boy, Gabriel....who belongs to :iconsapphire-hyena:'s sheik, Scarlett, so no touchy...if I were you I wouldn't even look too long. :lmao:

This doll...has murdered me, brought me back to like, and murdered me again, and I hate the hair. Hate it to little bitty pieces, but the rest I rather like. Especially the bracelets. AND..there are two versions. One with see-through face veil and one without since after I got done with the veil I couldn't decide which I liked I think I like the see-through one better. BUT..ANYWAY....I think that's about it.

Gabriel © me.
Base by :iconfoxlee: Eyeshadow/eye edit by me. ^^

OH...I forgot...I think I'm gonna use this for a new layout for my website which I will hopefully resurrect and not let die again this time. ^^; Now...I just have to think of ideas.
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ScarletBlindness Feb 18, 2013
You are such a great doller :)
CottenCandyPrince May 24, 2010
Omg, wow.
I'm planing on going to the Renaissance fest as a male belly dancer next year so I though I would get online to get some ideas for costuming (I'm making my own...)
So I found this and I thought it was really cool since I want to do must of the outfit in red...and my name is Gabriel. Lol
Love it
:icontenchibaka: i kinda don't wanna post my own 'sheik' ....somehow purple leather and black string doesn't compare....
LA-Fairy Jan 31, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks very cool! I love the colors..I mean the cinman tan with flashy orange.
Oh Kiera, I wanted to ask you something.
Now that your back with dolling. I wanted to ask you, if you want me to host you a site. I just got rid of my old hostees, due to inactivity and such, pity I know. If your up for it, let me now.
I love colors like that...not quite sure why though. XD
ANd...OMG YES! *spazzes* I've been thinking of looking for a host, but then I always end up just...not. ^^; Plus..I'd much rather be hosted by someone I know and actually like. :D
LA-Fairy Jan 31, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We can talk over it on ee, or msn..
And our sister banner. And you can kick me my bhind to update my site.
I just thought of that the other day. I don't even have the sister dolls up, or your link.. I suck at updates.. LOL
And I FINALLY downloaded MSN Messenger. *does a little dance* My e-mail is ....cause Minty.Hippo was taken. *sigh*
Yay! :boogie:
I need to download MSN again...and I shall soon. Probably tonight :D
*kicks you* I think...we need a superawesomerific sister banner...cause I honestly can't remember if/when we ever did one. ^^; Of course I can't really remember anything lately.
foxlee Jan 30, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, what an amazing job! O.o Thank you for noting me, I'm so glad I got to see this one XD He looks incredible!

(PS: I like the see-through veil better 'cuz you can see the sexy costume detail around the neck. Rrowr! X3)
ooooo, he's purtyful!
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